There is a difference between working for the community and serving the community: when you work you have a schedule and a specific set of expectations as well as responsibilities; work tends to be rather predictable and its most visible benefit is its monetary compensation. When you serve your community however, you have no schedule, no written set of responsibilities or expectations and each day is unpredictable. It is through service we can really experience the beauty of freedom as there is no limit or time frame that could prevent us from sowing into the lives of others a seed of hope. Our greatest reward is not money, but the long term impact we are having on our community and society as a whole.

American Fraternity has been serving the community since 1989 and throughout all these years has cried and rejoiced over losses and injustices as well as triumphs and victories at the local and national level. We have had the privilege of investing our time and resources in making the voices of the less privileged heard in an effort to make the American dream of “liberty and justice for all” a reality for everyone regardless of race, color, gender or nationality.

We will continue to serve our community and our nation because it is a privilege as much as it is a duty. We understand that we cannot ask for something we are not willing to give. We also understand that we cannot expect our nation and government to meet our needs if we are not willing to step up and voice our thoughts and concerns. The future of this nation and this society is our responsibility, and it is by serving one another that we will make a way through adversity to show the world that we are still a nation of hopes and dreams, where it is still possible to stand united for a better tomorrow by creating a better today!

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Read Their Stories - This is what the media doesn’t say and what our government refuses to acknowledge.
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Know your Rights - You are not a criminal and you shouldn’t be treated as one.  Know what your rights are when immigration shows up at your house and at your work place.
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How Can You Help?  - There are different ways of helping - you don’t necessarily need to be located near our office to help. Donate time, goods, money or your services.
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